Magicite in Crystal Chronicles and DnD

In the original game, magic was cast by first finding a special orb called magicite.  This magicite would then allow a player to use a certain type of magic.  Fire magicite allowing them to burn their enemies, cure magicite allowing them to heal themselves, and so on.

In Dungeons and Dragons, however, magic is tied to particular character classes, who prepare magic according to spell slots, and who may thereafter cast their magic any time, so long as slots remain.

Rather than attempt to force one system to work harmoniously with the other (as I believe the accuracy to the original setting would come at the expense of player enjoyment) I have done away with magicite as an enabler for magic.  Instead, I would recommend that magicite be treated as a very rare and powerful consumable item- something that would allow spellcasting characters to regain an expended spell slot.  Thus, instead of finding fire magicite, players could instead discover a piece level 1 magicite, which would, of course, recover a single spell slot of first level.



Myrrh is perhaps the most improtant commodity in the world of Crystal Chronicles.  The substance purifies crystals and allows people to ward off miasma and form towns.  Unfortunately, myrrh is incredibly rare, and single drops of it can be harvested from myrrh trees, which grow deep in monster infested areas full of thick miasma.

Collecting myrrh is the primary objective of Crystal Caravans, and they perform their duty every year without fail.  Once a tree has been harvested, it takes a year for it to replenish itself, and so a drop of myrrh cannot be collected from the same place two years in a row.  It takes three drops of myrrh to purify a crystal, and so the caravans must constantly search for new trees in order to keep their homes safe.

Unbeknownst to most of the world, myrrh is formed from collections of memories, which are consumed by the supernatural beings Raem and Mio.


In the world of Crystal Chronicles, monsters are the only beings that are immune to the effects of miasma.  Uniquely, out of every variety of monster there is, moogles are friendly to the 4 tribes, and often live alongside them.

Moogles are not known to be fighters or adventurers, but their immunity to miasma allows them to perform several vital functions in the world.  Most notable among these is Mog Mail, a courier service by which towns and caravans can communicate with each other despite the problem of miasma.

Game Effects of Miasma

Miasma is the fundamental danger in Crystal Chronicles.  It poisons people, creates monsters, and isolates towns from one another.

In the original game, when a player left the safety of their crystal chalice (the container which is used to hold valuable myrrh, and which itself contains a tiny personal crystal) they would immediately begin to take damage, as their bodies were afflicted by the miasma.

For our purposes, let us say that the crystal chalice has an effective circle of protection 60 ft across.  It is light, and easy to carry, but must be set down when the players are involved in combat.

When a player leaves this protective circle, they have a period of one minute to return to safety.  If, after this minute, they are still in miasma, they must make a constitution saving throw (DC 15) or take 1 point of temporary ability damage to all physical attributes.  After another minute has passed, if they are still in the miasma, they must make another saving throw, with the DC increased by 1, or take an additional point of damage to every score.  This continues every minute until the player has either died, or returned to the safety of a crystal.

The World of Crystal Chronicles

The setting of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is not a kind one.  The vast majority of the world is covered in miasma- an extremely dangerous substance which is poisonous to most living things, and which causes monsters to appear in the land.

In order to survive, people have formed their civilization around special crystals, which have the power to ward off miasma.  However, these crystals do not last forever, and must be purified each year by a substance known as myrrh- which is only found in areas of extremely dense miasma.  In order to keep their towns alive, the crystal caravans were created.  Manned by brave men and women from each town or city, these caravans seek out myrrh, and bring it home to purify the crystals.


Skill Proficiencies – Insight, Investigation

Tool Proficiencies – One gaming set of your choice, Cook’s utensils

Equipment – One gaming set, a loaf of fine bread, two weeks of hardtack, a set of cook’s utensils

Feature – Rumor Mill: Everyone comes to visit the mill sooner or later, and when they do, you listen to their stories.  Whenever you make an untrained intelligence or wisdom check, you may recall some valuable information that was passed to you by these tales, allowing you to add your proficiency to the roll.  This ability functions once per session.


Skill Proficiencies – Nature, Survival

Tool Proficiencies – Herbalism kit, vehicles (land)

Equipment – a book about edible plants, several seeds of a chosen vegetable or fruit, a shovel, and a pair of sturdy working gloves

Feature – Farm hours:  You have always had to wake up early to work the land back home, so you’ve become accustomed to less sleep than normal.  Whenever you take a long rest, you may recover up to two levels of exhaustion, instead of one.


Skill Proficiencies – Perception, Survival

Tool Proficiencies – Cook’s utensils, vehicles (water)

Equipment – a fishing rod, several spools of additional line, several additional hooks, a homemade fishbone necklace, a good hat for warding off the sun

Feature – It was thiiiiis big:  Your penchant for telling tall tales has, over the years, honed your ability to tell when others are doing the same.  Whenever you make a wisdom (insight) check to determine if someone is lying about their skills or accomplishments, you gain advantage on the check.  In addition, you have advantage when you attempt a charisma (deception) check to lie about your own skills and accomplishments.


Skill Proficiencies – Animal Handling, Nature

Tool Proficiencies – Carpenter’s tools, one musical instrument of your choice

Equipment – One instrument of your choice, several days of high quality rations, 50 ft of hemp rope, a small carving of your favorite animal

Feature – Herding dog:  You have a loyal canine companion who will accompany you on your travels (by all means it is a standard dog).  The dog is trained well, and can be used to stand guard or to carry small objects.


Skill Proficiencies – Sleight of Hand

Tool Proficiencies – Weaver’s tools, Cobbler’s tools, Leatherworker’s tools

Equipment, a set of weaver’s tools, a set of cobbler’s tools, 10 strips of various materials for repairing attire, a set of fine clothes

Feature – The man makes the clothes:  You created the clothes you wear yourself, and they have many hidden pockets full of goodies.  You may secretly stash up to 5 pounds of equipment in your clothing with a sleight of hand check.  Anyone who succeeds on a perception check against your result may notice the presence of the equipment, though without further investigation, they cannot tell what it is.