The most humanlike of the four tribes, Clavats came from the Fields of Fum, on the western continent of the world.  They are loyal and steadfast folk, known for their hardworking nature, and emphasis on unity.  Clavats, more than any other race, are welcome around the globe.

Clavats as a playable race

+1 CON

+1 STR

+1 WIS

People of the Land:  Clavats work diligently, and live closely with the land.  You have proficiency in the nature and survival skills

Defensive Masters:  Clavats are better known for their skill in protecting their allies than dispatching foes.  You gain proficiency in shields.  In addition, you gain the ability to call your foes’ attention to yourself as a bonus action during your turn.  If you do, impose disadvantage on foes who attack your allies for one round.  In exchange, all attacks made against you in that round gain advantage.  This ability does not work on creatures which are incapable of hearing, but does work  even on those who cannot understand you.  You may use this ability once per short rest.


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